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I’ve moved!

I’ve moved!

Lackadaisical Motivation cane now be found at

For now you’ll have to click a link to get there, but in the next few days, you’ll just go to and it’ll redirect you automatically.

Come leave me love at my new home!

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Blog therapy

My blog (LM) needs a therapist. It’s true, she told me so.

LM recently began wondering if she was meant to be a Blogger blog and not a Wordpress blog. She feels like she’s a Blogger mind trapped in a Wordpress body and she needs help.

She thinks that if she were a Blogger blog that I would dress her up more. Wordpress is nice, but it’s sooooooo much work, especially for me since I’m a self-taught web designer and I still don’t understand most of what I’ve accomplished.

Maybe if LM was a Blogger blog, she would get a facelift every few months like she wants.

But, I don’t necessarily want to make the switch if I can’t import LMs previous posts. We have a long history together and I can’t just toss that history aside.

And, what if I switch her over and then I can’t do as much designing with Blogger as I thought??

Anyone know a good blog therapist? LM needs help. Badly.

July 8th, 2008 Posted by Jessica | Life | 3 comments

Day off

I’ve changed my work schedule so that one Tuesday/month, I have the day off. During those weeks, I’ll work 4 longer days and this is my first week on the new schedule. I LOVE IT!

I got to work about 6:30am yesterday and go so much accomplished before 7:30am, it was awesome. I tend to leave work between 5-5:30pm, but stayed last night until 6:15pm. From 4pm until I left, I was even more focused and got a ton of stuff done.

Due to the nature of my job, I get a lot of visitors throughout the day…staff stop by my office with questions, I get TONS of sales calls (which inevitably go to voicemail), and I’m constantly being sought out by others. But, in those early hours and then again towards the end of the day, it was relatively quiet and I was able to accomplish a good amount of work during that time.

What started off as a schedule change to allow me one weekday off work has so far improved my work itself. I realize I’m saying this after one day, but that one day has made a big difference already.

Today won’t really be a day off– it’ll just be a day away from work. I have a To-Do list that has 14 items on it so I’ll keep myself very busy.

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I miss it

Laura over at I’m an Organizing Junkie took a technology vacation of sorts. She and her family went to the lake and during that week, she didn’t use her cell phone and didn’t get online.

Her post about how much she enjoyed the slowed pace of life as well as her rediscovery of her love for reading reminded me of my trips to visit my grandparents.

Every couple of years, we would travel to New England to visit my grandma Mac and my Gma and Gpa on my moms side. While visiting my gma and gpa in Cape Code, we spent most of the day driving around the coast, usually spending time at the beach where I would read and occasionally listen to music (when I wasn’t in the ocean swimming). At least once, we’d trip to Hyannis to my fav store…The Christmas Tree Shoppe.

After our trip to the Cape, we’d then travel to Connecticut and visit with my Grandma Mac and my uncles and aunt and cousins. It was in CT where I would read for hours at a time. I’d sit in the back room, curled up with a book and just read. In fact, it was pretty much the only time of year where I would actually finish a book.

In a previous post, I recall writing:

“Retreating to New England every few years while growing up was a nice reprieve for me. Typically, it was the only time I ever read books for pleasure. In the fast paced world that surrounded me as a military child, it was one of the few constants. Several times last week, I thought to myself, “Hubs and I are really going to have to make an effort to continue our trips up here.” I forget how much I enjoy visiting until I make a trip.”

Life moved at such a comfortable pace while visiting my relatives. Having lost of all of my grandparents over the past 3 years, the trips back home were more frequent due to the necessity of attending funerals. And although they were emotional trips, I still got my reading done and enjoyed the peace and quiet. The enjoyment I felt every year for the past 3 years has come to a screeching halt. Although I know that my other relatives (Shennie, Sarah/Doug, Karen/Joan, Kevin, etc) would welcome me with open arms, my visits back East will inevitably be different. Everyone has internet, cell phones, and blogs; I know for sure I’d enjoy my time with them, but it would still be my life, just being lived in a different place.

When I would visit my grandparents, it didn’t feel like my life. It was better :)

All of this recollecting just to say that I’ve decided to name my new room in the basement “Grandma’s.” It’s where I’ll spend hours reading and scrapbooking. It’s where I hope to retreat to at the end of a long day where I can cuddle up in my oversized chair with a blanket, a glass of wine and a book and pretend I’m back at Grandmas.

Come this Friday when I finally have the room in order, I’ll call out to Hubs while I’m heading downstairs, “I’m going to grandma’s!” He’ll know where to find me.

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Fun times ahead

Today we’re celebrating the fourth with a big picnic at my parents house.

There will be about 15 of us gathering for the festivities. We’ll swim, play cornhole (a Kentucky favorite!), grill out, drink beer, and relax.

I’ve got quite a bit of work to do before we head over; I’m making deviled eggs right now (YUM), then we’re heading out for breakfast with the fam and the street geeks. After that, we’ll come home and I’ll plan out the week. About 2pm, we’ll head over to the ‘rents pad and prepare for the festivities. I think people will start arriving around 4pm or so.

I’m bringing the camera and will take lots of good pics to share.

I know you can’t wait to see ‘em.

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Happy 4th!



I love the 4th of July. It’s one of my favorite holidays.


With my brother currently serving in Iraq as a member of the United States Army, the pride I feel as an American consumes me even more this year.


Outwardly, I’m the gal who makes the Good Housekeeping flag cake and sports an American flag do-rag.


Privately, I thank God for the liberties I have as an American and pray that our leaders possess the wisdom, maturity, and selflessness needed to keep Americans safe and enduring.


With our six American flags planted firmly in our yard this weekend, we’ll celebrate America’s birthday!



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Menu Plan Monday

I didn’t menu plan last week and it was terrible. Although we ate at home most nights, dinners were very basic (shake’n'bake chicken, breakfast for dinner (twice!), and pizza).

Since I’m off work tomorrow, I plan on doing a wal-mart run later tonight to get groceries.

Here’s our Menu for the week:

Monday: Lasagna and garlic cheese bread

Tuesday: Hot dogs and beans

Wednesday: Grilled Salmon and veggies

Thursday: Black bean fajitas with veggies

Sunday: Fourth of July picnic with the family!

June 29th, 2008 Posted by Jessica | Menu Plan Monday | one comment

The “B”

Boy were we tired last night! I feel asleep around 9:30pm and woke up at 7am, then went back to bed until 11am!

After lunch, Hubs and I continued working on the basement. With the carpet and tile people coming tomorrow, we had to clean out everything we could.

Here are pictures of the basement this morning before we cleaned it out and then after.

Family room before:


Family room after:


Hallway before:


Hallway after:


The carpet people are supposed to come “after 9am,” which means they’ll probably show up about 4:45pm. You know how those service calls usually go. I do hope they come early. I’m taking tomorrow off from work so I’d really like for them to get in and get done, so I can use the rest of my day off to get the family room put together.

Tomorrow night Bennie is coming over and they’re going to help us put the entertainment center together. Hubs is DYING to get his new Sony Bravia 55″ TV set up. Poor guy has been soooo patient (it’s been sitting in the basement boxed up for the past 4 weeks).

Debbie, our cleaning lady, also comes tomorrow. I hope she can work without being interrupted by the carpet guys. I say that because the kitchen is a disaster area…the table is shoved into the island so the basement door is clear and they can bring in the carpet.

Every time she cleans, I feel the need to leave a note apologizing for the big mess! For as organized as I claim to be, there’s always some reason why the house is a mess when Debbie comes over.

Its shaping up to be another busy week. But, it’s a short week due to the holiday on Friday.

My Aunt Sher comes into town Saturday and we’re having a big Fourth of July picnic at my parents house Sunday night. Swimming, bar-b-que, drinks… a good time will be had by all.

June 29th, 2008 Posted by Jessica | Life | 3 comments

It’s called Life

Life has been busy.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

We’re finishing our basement, so we’ve spent time perfecting the design, picking out fixtures, paint colors, and furniture. Although I usually wait until the finished product is complete to show off our work, I’m too excited about it, so here they are:

Before and (almost) Afters:










We’re very anxious to be done. I love it thus far and cannot wait for it to be finished! Once complete, we’ll have a family room, a bed room, unfinished storage with shelves, and a full bathroom with tiled flooring. For now, we don’t need a fourth bedroom, so until then, the downstairs bedroom will be MY room. I’ll have a tv/tivo, a craft table, and a recliner. Oh, I can’t wait.

Last weekend, me and 64,000 of my closest friends participated in the St. Louis Komen Race for the Cure. Rather than wearing the race shirts, we had “Got D” shirts made! With recent research showing that breast cancer patients with low D are 94% more likely to have their cancer spread and 76% more likely to die from the cancer, we couldn’t NOT wear the D shirts.

This year, several people from my office joined my team, so there were 11 of us (up from 4 last year)! It was another AMAZING year at the race. Good weather, good people, great cause, fun times!



(Notice my sisters pregnant belly on the far left?!)






And, we’ve been spending lots of time at my parents house swimming in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub.

Even Cooper got in on the action:







I’ve traded in my blogging for swimming, but I promise to post more often than I have been.

It’ll be another full weekend. Hubs brother and his wife and baby moved to STL this week! YEAH! I think we’re heading over there for dinner tomorrow night. Before that, we’ll clean out the debris from the basement and get some other big things done around the house. I have a three day weekend, as I’m taking Monday off since the carpet and tile are being installed then.

Alright, its past my bedtime. Have a great weekend!

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